Well, the debt ceiling debate is over at least for now. Now that so many decisions will be made by the 12 person super committee, its important that 50% of those serving on the super committee be women. I must admit it was troubling to see the pictures of the meetings and negotiations on the debt ceiling and see one lone woman, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. The decisions that get made by the super committee will affect all Americans for years to come and women Members of Congress must be part of those discussions and decisions.

There are key women that both Republicans and Democrats can appoint to the super committee for example, how about Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who as governor of New Hampshire balanced the states budget three terms in a row and Senator Olympia Snowe, who is the most senior Republican woman on the Senate Finance Committee.

Since the committees decisions are so far reaching, and we are talking so much about shared sacrifice, it seems only fair to share the decision making power as well. In addition, research shows that corporate boards with at least three women have a better bottom line; in these tough times, thats the kind of smart thinking that our government needs.