Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls

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Updated Cover
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A must-have tool kit offering insight and guidance to could-be activists to bolster their skillset and begin their advocacy journey…

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A Look Inside the Cover

Within Take Action, Stephenie focuses on four critical issues impacting women and girls today…

The power and importance of education:
  • Education is key to creating sustainable changes to promote gender equality.
Expanding economic opportunities:
  • Ensuring equal pay and access to economic opportunities is critical to ongoing global development and encourages people to harness and utilize their unrealized individual potential.
Eliminating gender-based violence (GBV):
  • Fighting to prevent and end GBV has dynamic impacts on local, national, and global levels…Did you know that the cost of GBV is estimated [conservatively] at 2% of global GDP, which translates to $1.5 trillion.
Participating in politics and public life:
  • Throughout history and today, women are frequently underrepresented in executive leadership roles and decision making positions; However, they bring a different perspective, new ideas, and often consider potential impacts to marginalized populations while making decisions.