Stephenie Foster has been fighting for women and girls her entire career – She has deep and broad expertise in women’s economic and political empowerment, with decades of experience on Capitol Hill, in the Executive Branch, the nonprofit sector, and the law.  Stephenie has consistently used her voice and actions to change discriminatory laws and policies and help shift cultural norms and inequalities.

The Stephenie Foster Advocate of the Year Award, recognizes the passion, effort and resourcefulness of someone who persistently takes action and fights for equality – strategically overcoming obstacles and challenges that thwart progress and success– on behalf of women and girls.

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The Award:

Do you know a colleague, friend or advocate whose dedicated work has made strides towards greater equality? Consider nominating them for the Stephenie Foster Advocate of the Year Award (AYA).

Take Action will present the AYA to an individual who has made a significant impact with outstanding work in the fight for women and girls.  This Award will highlight the critical work, innovative solutions, unique collaborations, and strategic efforts that are creating a more gender-equitable world. The Advocate of the Year Awardee will receive a $10,000 award ($7,500 for their 501(c)3 Organization and $2,500 for the advocate to use as they desire). The award also includes leadership skill training and strategic project advice.

The Stephenie Foster Advocate of the Year Award and monetary gift is granted at the sole discretion of Stephenie Foster. 

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Award Parameters:
  • U.S. resident 

  • Demonstrated action fighting for women and girls in the United States through a program, initiative or individual leadership 

  • While work conducted on behalf of large organizations is admired and critical, this particular award gives precedence to individuals advocating without resources and support normally granted to larger entities


To submit a nomination for the AYA please complete the nomination form below. Self nominations are accepted. We’ve made the nomination process brief with only 10 open-ended questions, but remember the more supporting details you can provide, the stronger the application.