Pax World logoFor Day 2 of Christmas (two turtle doves), I am recommending an outstanding corporate partner, Pax World. Pax is a leader in smart, responsible investing as well as advocacy for gender equality as an investment criterion and for increasing the representation of women on corporate boards.

Pax launched the first socially responsible mutual fund in America in 1971, and its Pax World Global Womens Equality Fund (PXWEX), is the only mutual fund in America whose focus is on investing in companies that are global leaders in advancing gender equality and womens empowerment.

Pax sees companies that invest in women as key to long term growth and providing a good return. Pax has led efforts to look at investments through a gender lens, to withhold shareholder votes for corporate boards that dont have women on the slate of directors and encouraged companies to embrace the best practices embodied in the Womens Empowerment Principles, now housed with UN Women. In the words of Paxs CEO Joe Keefe, in In my view, investing in womenor investing in companies that are committed to gender equality and womens empowermentis just such a strategy [for long term growth].

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