bam-billclinton-cardin.jpg - 68.02 KbI just returned from an event honoring my former boss, the legendary Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD), who on Saturday became the longest-serving woman in the US Congress. The room was packed, with scores of Washington power players – Leader Pelosi, Vice President Bidenand Secretary Albrightamong them. There is much to recite about Senator Mikulskis record as a trailblazer and her ground breaking service to her constituents. To me, however, the most remarkable thing about Senator Barb is that she still holds onto the values that brought her to public service patriotism, fairness, fighting for whats right and an implicit understanding that what is good for the average person is whats good for America. She is certainly a trailblazer for women in elected office, but she is much more. She is the kind of public servant that gives people faith in those we elect to represent us, a faith that they will think about fairness and valuing hard work as they consider policy matters. Both Republicans and Democrats were there tonight to honor her and mark this historic moment, and that rare show of bipartisanship reflects her understanding that we all must all work together for a better America.