Raufa Hassan was a fearless, focused and inspirational Yemeni political activist, journalist and thinker. She died last week at 53. These tributes below capture her well. I first met Raufa in Sanaa, Yemen, in 1997 when I travelled to Yemen on my first ever trip to work with non-American women running for office (in this case, parliament), and I kept up with her on my various trips there. She was totally dedicated to the equality of women in Yemen and globally, and because of working with her, I realized how important international commitments to womens rights are in this work. She pushed the boundaries in Yemen, and at one point left the country because of a fatwa issued against her. But she went back and kept working, pushing, cajoling and arguing for what she held dear. I will miss her, her intelligence, her laugh. And, I am sorry that I never got to tell her that because of knowing her I worked harder, thought more strategically and worked to live a committed life.

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