Strong anti-discrimination laws. A network of shelters for domestic violence victims, and expanded hotlines for victims of violence. Loans and incentives for women owned businesses. A minimum health care package for women including preventive services. More women running for elected office.

Sound familiar? These are all issues that we have fought for here in the US, as well as around the world. They are also issues that came out of the conference in Yerevan, Armenia that I facilitated last week, as planks of a draft womens policy platform agreed to by the conference attendees.

Over the last years, I have participated in many electoral and advocacy programs and projects globally, and I worked with numerous women and womens groups as they formulate strategy to participate in politics and advocacy. Worldwide, women focus on many of the same policy issues. Whether in Armenia, Haiti, Cameroon, Iraq or the United States women want their governments, their elected officials and their political parties to address issues that are important to women.

While at the USAID/NDI conference in Yerevan, Armenia last week, more than 300 participants from across Armenia worked together to draft this womens policy platform, and the ideas above were among the ideas they agreed to support.

We all live in different places, with different cultures and challenges, but we face very similar issues. We can learn so much from each other what has worked, what hasnt and build a stronger, more equitable future globally. I look forward to it.

Many thanks to our fabulous keynote speaker, US Ambassador Meryl Frank, for these great photos!