Yesterday I attended an Emily’s List luncheon covering the 2012 election cycle. If you’re not familiar with Emily’s List, it stands for “Early Money is Like Yeast…..it makes the dough rise” and its ability to raise funds and help elect democratic women running for Congress is unquestionable. EMILYs List is directly responsible for countless wins and many women in the House & Senate today are undeniably grateful for their early support. But unfortunately, we are still fighting for more equal representation in Congress. In 2012 we have the potential to gain four additional Senate seats for Democratic women: Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, Mazie Hirono in Hawaii, Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin and Shelly Berkley in Nevada. These are all tough races. I am always inspired by the personal stories told during these intimate luncheons and yesterday was no exception — filled with quips of Emily’s List standing by candidates when others wouldn’t. Many are continuously buffered by not only funding but staffing, strategy and polling. They will need us this election cycle, just as we need women members of Congress who are pro-choice and vote for education, jobs, and the middle class. To follow Emily’s List races and learn more about their work click here.