0412 HMB before Christmas 055It’s Father’s Day. 

I’m in Dubai, having just returned from Sri Lanka and am on my way back to Kabul.  I thinking about my dad and the influence he had on my life.  Dan Foster was an amazing man, in a quiet and humble way.  He was an intellectual who grew up on a farm in Northern California, a man who was always striving to understand the world a little bit better.  He was intellectually curious, and as I grew up was always talking about other places around the world, and the importance of being engaged in your community, country and world.  He encouraged me to do what I wanted (often to his chagrin I am very sure).  He loved my mom, a strong willed woman who was way ahead of her time, and he cared for her to the end of her life.   I am who I am because of both my parents, but I am always startled by my dad’s influence on me.  As on this trip, I see things that I know he would have loved to have seen, or talked about, or I am sure written about (maybe even on Facebook, as he loved technology).  I miss you, dad, but then again, you are always with me. I love you, and oh yes, happy Father’s Day.