I read Marlo Thomas great piece on Huffington Post last week, entitled Passing the Torch: Whos Going to Run with It? and decided it would be a good idea to ask this question to some younger women. And so, I talked to my friendAbigail Collazo at

www.fem2pt0.com, and this Sunday at 9 p, eastern time, www.fem2pt0.comis hosting a tweet chat focused on this question.

Here’s a preview of some of the interesting and thought provoking questions that we will talk about:

1) Is it true that if one woman fails in her particular role, she is representing all women? In 1981, when Sandra Day OConnor became the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court, if she failed, she believed she would be letting down all women.

2) Has the stereotypical role of a mom (cooking, cleaning, taking kids to school, etc) become that of the dad as well? How often do you hear of stay-at-home dads? Although the duties and responsibilities of being a parent should be shared, are they?

3) Thomas states in her piece, I cant think of a more exciting time to be a woman: Weve finally reached our era of great expectations. Do you agree? Do you believe we live in, what is no longer, a mans world? Does the fact that women are still only getting 77 cents to a mans dollar contradict her point?

Please join in if you can; it should be very engaging.