WIN “One of Washington’s best networking events.”
Washingtonian Magazine

Last week, I spoke at a Washington institution: one of the 30 dinners that are part of the Womens Information Networks (WIN) signature event Women Opening Doors for Women. The 22nd annual WODW offers Washington, DC women the opportunity to learn from each other by bringing women of different backgrounds together in small dinners to exchange information and advice, and help each other succeed.

I spoke at a dinner called How Empowering Women Economically Can Change the World, which focused on expanding womens economic opportunities, from microcredit, to small and medium sized enterprises, to the corporate world, as well as how to think about socially responsible investing. Denise Bump, who is a Senior Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services, was both a great partner in this event and a great host for the event.
The best part was the opportunity to sit in a room with 12 young women and talk about how to have an impact globally and also how to deal with their own careers and economic questions. The conversation was candid; the women asked really good questions and brought great perspectives to the room. I definitely see how WODW has been around for 22 years, and I am sure the dinners will be around for at least 22 more. In fact, we heard at our dinner that WIN is expanding to NY, so more to come.