Usher's New LookDay 10 (Leaping Lords) gives me an opportunity to highlight Ushers New Look Foundation. I spoke at the New Look Foundation annual conference last year, and it was an impressive group. Usher, who is a global super star, started New Look in 1999, and the foundation has developed a model for engaging young women and men and giving them a strong sense of how they can affect the world they live in. New Look takes this seriously and certifies young men and women in four leadership areas – talent, education, career and service — through a partnership with Emory University’s Executive MBA program.

New Look and has been able to demonstrate amazing results: 98% of New Look youth graduate high school and go on to college; 93% of New Look youth recognize they have the power to encourage others to create change in the community; 93% of New Look youth can identify a personal talent or passion; 88% feel they are equipped to engage in formal business events, and 90% of New Look youth attribute their positive decision-making to New Look. Great work.

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