Over the last week or so, I was lucky enough toattend several events and listen to women visiting Washington, DCfrom a diverse set of places China and Yemen and from different sectors. The Chinese women were here in DC as part of the US-China Women Leadership Exchange and Dialogue (also called the Women-LEAD Initiative), sponsored by the US and Chinese governments. Many worked for the Chinese government and also for universities. The Yemini woman works for an American NGO with a presence in Yemen. These are very different countries, with very different challenges. Inboth cases, I was struck by the eloquence, determination and smarts of these women who are working hard to address the issues faced in their countries. I do think we need to make sure that both men and women are involved in policy debates and decisions, and I amstruck by how many women there are globally who are making a difference. We dont know their names, or ever get the chance to meet most of them. But, it gives me comfort to know that they are out there, working hard to address significant issues and ensure that womens voices are heard.