Photo of Gay Crosthwait GrunfeldThis is a compelling (and provocative) analysis of how the Daily Journal, the daily legal publication in San Francisco covers women in the legal profession. Its written by my good friend Gay Grunfeld, a partner at Rosen Bien and Galvan,and second year law student Leslie Thornton. Despite parity at law schools, women still remain underrepresented as law firm partners and still make less than men in comparable positions. This article looks at the photos above the fold in the Daily Journal and finds that 68% of those photos are of men, 19% of women and 13% picture both. As a former law partner myself, I remember the difficulties in changing how wepicturea law partner, and media plays a big role in shaping all of our views. As the authors note, quite poignantly, Only when young women lawyers see themselves above the fold will they begin to insist on staying at their law firms. Its worth a read.