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Whether facilitating elections in the middle east, moderating international leadership panels or creating a cohesive program for client conferences, Stephenie Foster is a skilled moderator/facilitator. Her
ability to comprehend complex issues, target relevant content and balance participant discussion is unsurpassed. Her years serving as Chief of Staff to US Senators Chris Dodd and Barbara Mikulski as well as a law partner serve her well in identifying issues, narrowing them down to key points and
creating a context for audience participants. Stephenie is always a moderator in control of her panel and the discussion. Questions from the audience can both invigorate and drain a session. Knowing exactly when
to move forward with a discussion, encourage further questioning or refocus a topic is crucial to the conference success. Stephenie’s experience as a national speaker give her insight into maintaining a cohesive message and ensuring that the audience remains focused, informed and engaged.

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