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About Stephenie

Stephenie Foster is a founding partner of Smash Strategies, which provides strategic advice to corporations, institutions and philanthropists to ensure that their investments in women and girls are effective and transformational. Stephenie is an inclusive leader, who brings together vision and pragmatism to get results and meet client needs. Based on her unique experiences, she understands the political and policy landscapes relevant to empowering women and girls, and increasing their opportunities for leadership and opportunity.


Stephenie is a sought-after speaker nationally and internationally on women’s leadership, gender equity, international development and women’s advocacy.
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Stephenie is regularly interviewed on a diverse set of issues, such as investing in women and girls, foreign policy, security and women’s economic and political participation.
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Teaching & Publications

Stephenie is a frequent lecturer on why investing in women and girls is critically important.  She has been a Professorial Lecturer at American University’s Women & Politics Institute. She publishes regularly on the importance of investing in women and girls to our foreign policy, women in leadership, women and economic engagement, and women and security. She writes regularly for the Huffington Post and other media outlets.

Featured Blog Posts

Data, Gender & Philanthropy: Giving with Impact

Posted on Medium Investing in women and girls drives economic growth, creates more stable societies, and leads to better outcomes. Data is part of the infrastructure undergirding this work, and central to how decision-makers, citizens, and advocates measure progress...

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Smart Cities Must Reflect Women’s Transportation Needs

PUBLISHED IN GLOBAL POLICY JOURNAL, January 15, 2018 Today, 55 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and by 2050, that number is projected to increase to 66 percent. At least half are women and girls.  This movement of people -- largely in Africa and...

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Women Mediating Peace Talks: A Long Road to Parity

Last week, I was at Durham University in a setting made for a Harry Potter movie. I was there for an expert meeting on increasing the number of women high-level mediators, or special envoys, in peace negotiations led by the United Nations or...

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